What considerations influenced many people to move to America?

Many European immigrants left their homelands to escape political and religious oppression as well as economic difficulties and poverty.

In 1620 a group of colonists known as the Pilgrim fathers came to North America on the famous ship the Mayflower.

The Pilgrim Fathers were Separatists in England or members of the Puritan movement. They wished to purify the Church of England by making religious services simpler and discipline stricter. That is why they were called Puritans. They were persecuted by English officials and after moving a lot they considered America. Puritans called themselves Pilgrims because of their wanderings in search of religious freedom.

2nd English settlement In December 1620 the ship called the “Mayflower” with 102 people on board landed on Cape Code, Massachusetts then sailed across to Plymouth Harbor.

The Mayflower Compact –41 men aboard the Mayflower held a meeting a chose their 1st governor. They signed a specific document known as the Mayflower Compact to abide by “just and equal laws” drafted by leaders of their own choosing, which was the 1st agreement for self-government in America.