What do we call this way of solving problems?

12. Translate the following sentences into Russian. Translate the idea, not a word for word:

1. These goods are made at our manufacture.
2. Where is the manufacture situated?
3. We don’t like the quality of these goods, send them back to the manufacturer.
4. The case is very important for us, so we should find a practical solution immediately.
5. Was it difficult to find a good solution?
6. This good is a reasonable price and quality.
7. Your practical solution is quite reasonable.
8. You have designed a reasonable solution.
9. Engineers solve problems in a methodical way.
10. This means there are several steps in the problem-solving process.
11. At first you should clearly define a problem.
12. It’s not sometimes easy to define a problem.
13. Different people design different solutions to one and the same problem.
14. Are you sure we should test the solution?
15. The solution was tested and turned to be a bad one.
16. I don’t like the way you evaluate the situation.
17. You should be more careful when you try to evaluate something.
18. These goods were produced with the help of modern techniques.
19. The problem-solving process technique includes 5 steps.
20. You need to check up the engine.

13. Read the following text and fill in the gaps with suitable words:

What is Engineering? Practically everything we use in our modern life is made by (1) ___________ . If a (2) ___________wants to upgrade something, they ask a design (3) ___________ to find a (4) __________ solution. (5) __________ is both (6) __________ and (7) __________ . Scientific knowledge is used to (8) __________ practical answers. A good design solution must be a (9) __________ price, not dangerous and reliable. Usually problems are solved in a (10) __________ way. There are 5 steps in this process-passing (11) __________ : - (12) __________ the problem, - (13) __________ a solution, - (14) __________ the solution, - (15) __________ the solution, - (16) __________ the solution. This method is very useful and can be used in our (17) __________ life.

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